Lifeless Immortal is a military and gang transitional society that focus on making the world a better place with great entertainment. Also known as the official army for musicians worldwide, LI is commanded by military veteran, 7SG V Dot Nam.

In today's music industry, we've noticed throughout the years that there is a lot of great talent out there but most of them aren't recognized for their multiplexed artistry. It's like in the game, either if you know somebody that is connected or you are selected to fulfill the mission of entertaining the masses of the world with restricted materialistic music. It has been a large gap in the Hip-Hop culture because no ones know exactly where they want to go. Time has changed, We now have a president of financial wealth and fame. While the world's population is mostly spirit than flesh, the battle that we fight is not color but with the elements that are perceived by ears and eyes. After the insurrection of lyrical commander, 2Pac, the Worldwide Immortal Organization is now stronger than ever. All Immortals around the world has united and this is our Music Management sector.

Lifeless Immortal is the second generation of Thug Life. The are millions of Immortals and LIs all over the world from Detroit, Texas, Miami, North Carolina, Mississippi, Los Angeles, Virginia, Washington DC, UK, France, China and the list goes on. We serve as a powerhouse of bringing all ethnic groups together in unity through the music and entertainment that we bring forth to you raw and uncut. Founded by Army Veteran, VDotNam in 2013 while working on Hip Hop Empire Magazine & EmpireVizion. Shouted by Nam, Renizance & Immortal Soldierz were added to the LI rooster to facilitate the governance of each member that resides in the United States. Since Lifeless Immortal is the musical side of the military, we fight wars through entertainment. We transition the youth from gang lifestyle to military disciplined musicians. LIFELESS means "Livin InDis Fraud Economy Leavin Enemies Still Sleepin". The IMMORTAL is the spirituality of an LI. We all are born Lifeless until the ignorance of not knowing self dies making us one's spirit immortal. Every LI soldier is expected to follow the CODE of LI. Everyday LDRSHIP is should shown and applied to life. Every mission should be complete, there's no mission that is unfinished if you are Immortal. From releasing albums to books and movies, the morals of the immortal can be heard by just pressing play. We train our Artists, DJs, Producers & Songwriters to be better than the best. Because in this industry, it's a jungle. FOR REAL!

Now since every rapper wants to sing on tracks, the game has gone soft like Charmin. This is the main reason why we're here, to bring that realness that the whole world been yearning for the longest since Pac last dropped a track. THE TRUTH HAS TO AWAKEN THROUGHOUT THE FOREVER ENDING BATTLE BETWEEN REALITY & THE SUBCONSCIOUS. Follow us as we take you through gateways and portals. "God Bless The Dead… Thank The Livin".

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