If this is your first time with Lifeless Immortal, then you've come to the right place. Whether you are familiar with the military structure or not, coming to understand LI's objectives and causes will greatly aid you as you bring your music to life more than the common folk.

We want to ease your headache so that you can become comfortable with our interface. This tutorial will by no means cover everything non-Immortalized, but we hope it will spark a curiosity in thought.

Reserve ISP

An ISP is an Immortal Service Pack, which all members must have. This provides with your Immortal identification, label apparel, literature, graphic pack, music distribution, unlimited mixtape releases, 3 physical proofs for singles per years, 1 physical proof of album each year (depending on agreements on the contact, amount may vary if requested), social media promotions, event assistance, authentic Artist website (with custom domain) and much more.

Through our SemiMajor Program, we are able to provide our artists with discounted prices for features with major artists within our network. We design graphics that meet industry standards. Check out this example to see how we can upgrade your artwork:

You may have noticed a toolbar when editing the page. This toolbar can assist you in creating bold and other styled texts, though you can also consult the Quick Reference as well.

For more on page editing, see Editing Pages.

Provide Content

To be able to best serve you, we just need a few things from you such as your music, pictures, biography (or simple write-up on your career as an artist), current promotions, dates of shows (if applicable), YouTube Channel, and social media links.


We require clear pictures with enough resolution so that we can work our magic. Since soial media distorts images, we recommend all artists to send their picture via email. In most cases, if we retreive a photo from Facebook it may or may not meet the standards that we go by. To get all setup with your pics, send us over 1 headshot, a couple body shots with different poses and 3 freestle pictures that you think would go great with a design. Additional photos like album covers, mixtape covers, social promo, flyers, etc. will also be helpful while promoting you and your music.


Next is the main dish for creating the gourmet meal of your choice, your music. The formats that we recommend is MP3. If tracks are not mastered, we will hear it and if there is something that we do to fix the issue, we will resolve it the best way we can. Even though we highly recommend direct music from the artists, we can also make an exception for people that are not that computer savvy by allowing them to send us their music links from today's popular public music streaming sites.

We can also pull your music from Soundcloud, YouTube, and Facebook but just know that even audio is distorted, which it is compressed to fit on the cloud server that these web platforms are using. Sites like Reverbnation, we do pay attention to unless we are advised that you have downloadable on there. Other sites like Google Drive or DropBox, we do accept music from. Below is the format while submitting your music:

Song Title - Artist Name
Album Title
Name of Songwriters, Composers, etc.
Producer Name, Company that he/she produces for.
Name of Studio, Engineer name (if applicable)

So that the artist gets paid and all legal matters are handled, we require all respected parties to get credited for their work. To confusion, if there is a track that you did with an artist that you no longer rock with anymore, then we advise you to remix the track or keep it pushing. There's no sense in putting fuel on a dying fire.

For more info, see Creating Pages


To take full advance of our Distribution, please provide us with a tracklist of your project. Either if it's 2 tracks up to 40, all of this information is valuable while setting your album for release. As an artist, you have the choice of where your music should go. We do not try to dictate on how others run their business but as a partner of the community, our job is to make sure our brothers and sisters do not limit themselves throughout anything in life.

One way you could do this is by going through every page and seeing whether it is a help page or not and then manually form a bulleted list like so:

  • Indie Trap
  • SemiMajor Hustle
  • Major Grind

- Amazon, Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Deezer, AudioMack
- w/ iHeartRadio, Pandora, Tidal, Groove, 7Digital + More
- Have the choice of going through Empire, InGrooves/ Universal or Sony/ Orchard along with all of the other platforms listed in the SemiMajor Hustle package

NOTE: Each package upgrades from the last, so if you were to select SemiMajor Hustle, then you would receive everything inside of the Indie Trap package; Major Grind > SemiMajor Hustle, etc..

Before deploying, we advise all artists to follow the Immortal Checklist, which is presented below:

  • Contact Information
  • Artist Biography
  • Genre (also include subgenre, i.e. Rap, Neo-Soul, Trap,…)
  • BMI/ ASCAP License
  • Social Links (FB, Twitter, IG, YouTube)
  • EPK and/or MPK
  • Description of Target Audience
  • Project Artwork
  • Album Summary
  • Tracklist (Must be in text format)
  • Projected Singles
  • Production Credits
  • Age/ Gender of Target Audience
  • Project Calendar

The physical copy of this will be inside of your ISP.


Within 7 business days of processing your album, you will receive the physical proof in the mail. Furthermore, Our facility can set you up with short-run up to bulk orders if required. Since mixtapes are for promotional uses only, we have a sweet deal of 100 Immortalized CDs in slim cases with the digital version included.


Although there is much more to Lifeless Immortal, we hope that this overview gives you enough understanding to becoming Immortalized. Be sure to consult with the 7SG for an official introductory email. Furthermore, explore all of our great hotspots from the HQ all the way to the LI Army Media & News Center.

Finally, if you have any questions, do not be afraid to pose a question in our Immortal Forum. Lifeless Immortals are almost always available to build with you, just holla if ya hear!