The LI Manual is an extensive tool for Immortality! Written by 7SG V Dot Nam, this literary work is for spiritual uses only.

Immortal Resources

Here is where you would be able to find helpful resources to be remain immortalized.

Lifeless Immortal Manual

Below is the sneak peek of the L.I. Manual. Just so too much light wouldn't be exposed, we compressed the material down for the public. The official manual must be purchased directly from our LI Army website.Enjoy the lessons as we remain to educate the world on the Immortal culture and spirituality.

Chapter 1: Move Like A Soulja

Beware of your surroundings. Always keep an eye open for adversaries. Sleep like a Bear, Eat like a Rabbit. Stay physically and active. Remain loyal. Never leave your comrade behind. Follow the R.O.E. Literary works like The Art Of War, The 48 Laws of Power, as well as much more, are useful but there are other great titles that can retrieve the most influential knowledge from. Believe in half of what you hear and nothing that you see. Perception is the illusion of consciousness.

Chapter 2: Think Like A Genius

Always think before acting upon in any situation. Use your brains just to maneuver throughout the concrete battlefield. Like Sir Charles Lyell said in 1863, It's "Mind Over Matter" (The Geological Evidence of the Antiquity of Man). Even though Einstein was labeled as crazy, that didn't stop him from creating the Laws of Relativity, E=MC Squared and many more great thesis. When we say "All Gz Connect", that's uniting all of the Genius around the world from past to present.

Chapter 3: Meditate & Focus

Besides Physical Training, we also an addition to staying mentally fit, which consist of Motivational Arts. Listen to your favorite Lifeless Immortal artist while doing Tai Chi & QiGong. What this does is balances out your Yin (Light) and Yang (Dark). Stay focus at all times, never do anything that could alter your Cerebrum and it's functions.

Chapter 4: Invest To Be Blessed

By investing in self, you will always come back ahead of most.

Chapter 5: Take Over Terrorities

Traveling and maneuverability are some of the most important things that one can possess. Not all things require physical transportation so that mission is complete. Look at how communication has shown us throughout history that there is more than the physical realm that exists. Since we can communicate with spirits, as Immortal being placed in a temporary shell we can encounter others in the spirit form as well as congregate with the deceased. Using the guides, we can also know how to wiggle through any situation as well as control shape-shifters and possessed family members.

Subject Description
Astro Projection Known for separating your soul from your body. This allows one to travel to other dimensions. This is not for experimenting, read the warnings before deciding to endeavor in this form of transportation. Within the Manual, you will learn more about how-to and what dimension is which.
ConcreteBattlefield Throughout life, we all encounter battles. At this moment, it may seem like we stand alone in the concrete jungle forcing us to use the instincts of survival to be able to make it the next day. From previous experiences from former war vets, our tactics teaches one how to maneuver through the war zone without being afflicted by unknowing civilians and insurgents.
House Of Drama "The curse of the LORD is in the house of the wicked: but he blesseth the habitation of the just." - Proverbs 3:33, Holy Bible KJV. We have known that some of the hardest battles are internal but one of the worse battles is inside of the household. Through meditation and medication, this becomes minor to one's life.

LI Army Resources

In the section below provides you with a navigation of where everything is at wihin the Immortal.

Subject Description
LI Army Media and news center of Lifeless Immortal Music Group. This site consists of up-to-date Immortal news as well as projects such as albums, mixtapes, singles, music videos, books, opportunities and more.
Headquarters The official headquarters of the Lifeless Immortal Army.This portal includes New Recruits, Music Store, Current Media Promotions, Artist Rooster, Producer/ DJ Rooster, In-Depth Services, Contact Info and more.
Releases Stay informed with the latest and upcoming release from Lifeless Immortal. From singles to mixtapes and albums, get your project placed here so that it will be seen by a huge of the LI and yourself. Also providing exclusive mixing, We also make Immortal remixes for DJs, radio stations and more.
IlluminotClothz Official clothing line of the Lifeless Immortal Army. Designed for elite, military minded souljas that love to stay activated. Our signature design consists of the 7 Lessers of Life: Loyalty, Divinity, Knowledge, Honor, Ambition, Unity, and Love.
HipHopEmpire Magazine The first magazine to introduce the Empire trend with Hip-Hop. From Semi-Major news to artist tools and powerful motivational pieces, this empire was said to last over 3 centuries. Through Hip Hop Empire, Immortal artists are promoted on as well as inside of each issue, either if its a basic article write-up, an exclusive feature, album/ mixtape review, EmpireVizion most popular videos or even Semi-Major Billboard ranking. We value all of our souljas that serve our Entertainment Industry.
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