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As We Rise, We Live Inthis Freud Economy while Leavin our Enemies Still Sleepin… LI Salute


Standing Proud To Serve


Military Structure

Led by Army Veteran, Vietnam Jones, this military music organization consists of knowledge in Logistics, Pure Hustlematics, Morals, Values and Tradition. We deploy artists by releasing their music.


Music Distribution

We offer distribution of albums to the top music sites like IndieBoom, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play, Shazam, 7Digital, Groove (XBox Music), iHeartRadio, Pandora, Tidal and more.


Media Exposure

Build up your fan base and audience by getting exposures in magazines, on radio, blogs and song pools like Hip Hop Empire Magazine, PromoOnly, Sirius XM, ThisIs50 and much more.

Our Impact In Society

Making it safer for our children to walk outside without getting shot by Crooked Bages. We have discovered a cure for inactive soldiers that suffer from PTSD. These days since PTSD is common, we use the arts and combative tactics to help Military Veterans transition from being on the battlefield into civilian society. Our research lab also put together a program to transition Gang Members so they can see a brighter light in life and stay free from the hearts of man. By no means, we operate like a gang. As a contribution to the Goddess Earth, we help those who are in need as well as provide good deeds through our community and others. We believe in NO CHILD or MOTHER DYING.


Immortal Benefits

We provide artists with high-quality graphic work from album covers to visual promotional material (Flyers, Download Cards, etc.). LI also have in-house producers that are able to give you the sound that your ear yearns for. With the Immortal, each artist has access to retrieving music distribution on the world's most popular digital music download site at no additional cost. Pertaining to marketing, we create ad designs for social media, set-up campaigns, provide write-ups in magazines, put together promo commercials, and more. Other perks consist of event assistance, discounted features with affiliated major artists, artist website, and more.

In the mixtape industry, we are able to provide artists with hosting and feature placements as well as mixtape distribution on sites like Coast2Coast, MyMixtapez, DatPiff, and more. The Industry opportunities that we offer are with major artists and producers that are inside of our network. There is no determine, who next will be involved with the Army that defends The Hip Hop Empire.

Get Goals Accomplished

Be the one that builds his empire from scratch with the assistance of a well put together Music Military. Our software allows you to organize your career as well as tasks and duties in life. A well-equipped and focused Soulja is a squared-away Soulja. Turn your dreams into a Reality with Lifeless Immortal. We make it so all you would have to do is record your music with proper credits, send it via email and schedule a date for release. For more insight, please visit LI Army


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